Important dates

  • 2Mar
    Midterm exam
    March 2/2015
    The midterm exam may cover anything in the lectures and in any assignment up to trees. Please see the schedule for more details about the topics. Study hard and you will rock the exam.
  • 9May
    Final exam
    May 9/2015
    The final exam is comprehensive. That is, it may cover any topic in the lectures and in any homework or project. The exam will be easy as long as you study really, really, really hard. See the schedule to confirm the date.

About Pablo

Pablo Rivas is a Member of the ACM and IEEE. He received the B.S. degree in computer science in 2003, the M.S. in electrical engineering in 2007, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2011.

He has worked as Software Engineer for 8 years. He has national and international publications in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. His current research interests include machine learning, intelligent software systems, remote sensing, soft computing, and image processing. Dr. Rivas is member of the Computer Society and Computational Intelligence Society, both IEEE; also of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIAM; member of the Hispanic-American Fuzzy Systems Association, HAFSA; and member of the International Association of Engineers, IAENG.

He has been recognized for his creativity; he has received the IEEE Student Enterprise Award in 2007, and the Research Excellence Award from the Paul L. Foster Health Sciences School of Medicine of Texas Tech University in 2009. Dr. Rivas was an intern at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in 2009; and in 2011 was inducted to the International Honor Society Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) for his academic excellence and outstanding professional achievements. Currently, Dr. Rivas is an Adjunct Professor at Baylor University in the Computer Science department.

Pablo likes to play basketball, code, eat pizza with friends, preach, and go to the movie theaters of Waco with his beautify wife Nancy (not necessarily in that order).