Mr. Michael Aars

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Senior Lecturer of Computer Science
School of Engineering & Computer Science
Baylor University


Office: Cashion Academic Building, Room 303
Phone: +1-254-710-3876
Email: michael_aars at baylor dot edu

On this webpage you can find more information about my current schedule, current and past courses, and other stuff.



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Current Courses

Past Courses

CSI 1336Introduction to Programming with Engineering Applications
CSI 1430Intro to CS I with Lab
CSI 1440Intro to CS II with Lab
CSI 3303Information Systems and Technology
CSI 3331Survey of Programming Languages
CSI 3334Data Structures
CSI 3336Systems Programming
CSI 3342Principles of Software Design (Agile Development)
CSI 43C8Gaming Capstone Design Project (Senior Design)
BINF 43C9Bioinform Sr Capstone Project (Senior Design)
CSI 43C9Computer Science Sr Capstone Project (Senior Design)

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Video Game Development

"Test Your Might"

In 1998, I took a graduate school Multimedia course from Dr. Greg Speegle at Baylor University. Our semester long project was to create a multimedia multiplayer video game for online use written in Java 1.0. I chose to write a "Mortal Kombat" clone. I wrote both the game server and the client was an java signed applet.

After some requests from students, I relinked the original "Test Your Might" webpage from the course. Unfortunately, the server and client code has long since been depricated into oblivion. I did add a little js mockup of the game at the bottom of the webpage to show how the game characters moved and one of the fight arena backgrounds.