Prof. Michael Aars

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Senior Lecturer:
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Baylor University
Phone: +1 (254) 710-3890


Mailing Address:
Prof. Michael Aars
Department of Computer Science
One Bear Place #97141
Waco, TX 76798-7141


Physical Address:
Office: Hankamer Cashion Academic Center, Suite 330.16
Email: michael_aars at baylor dot edu



Bookings is now off. Office hours during finals are problematic due to changes in routine schedules for finals. Email questions you may have. Technology is great, but not perfect.

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Teaching — Current Courses and Resouces
Past Courses
CSI 1401Intro to Programming with Lab I (Python)
CSI 1402Intro to Programming with Lab II (Python)
CSI 1336Introduction to Programming with Engineering Applications
CSI 1430Intro to CS I with Lab (C++)
CSI 1440Intro to CS II with Lab (C++)
CSI 2350Discrete Structures
CSI 3303Information Technology
CSI 3331Survey of Programming Languages
CSI 3334Data Structures
CSI 3336Systems Programming
CSI 3342Principles of Software Design (Agile Development)
CSI 43C8Gaming Capstone Design Project (Senior Design with Steam Engine)
BINF 43C9Bioinformatics Sr Capstone Project (Senior Design with GeneWeaver)
CSI 43C9Computer Science Sr Capstone Project (Senior Design)
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