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Progamming Language Archive. One program in many different languages. Click here to see it.

Current Course Materials CSI 5v93 VLSI Design Automation

Course Materials Archive CSI 1430 Introduction to Computer Science
CSI 1440 Intro to CS II
CSI 5v93 VLSI Design Automation
CSI 3330 Foundations
CSI 4337 Operating Systems
CSI 5338 Advanced Computer Organization
CSI 5V93 Component-Level Programming
CSI 2350 Discrete Structures

Metamorphic Programming Examples 

Component Level Programming -- Course Description 

Code for "Component Level Programming" 

ActiveX version of DGL 

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Software Packages

Package Web Page Manual Software
FHDL The FHDL Home Page The FHDL Manual (pdf) UNIX Source
MS Windows Executable
DGL The DGL Home Page The DGL Manual.(pdf) UNIX Source Updated for LINUX 10/08/04
Animus The Animus Home Page
Research Software Research Home Page.

Current Research

Professor Maurer's research interests include Component Level Design, Metamorphic programming, VLSI Design automation, VLSI Design, Random Software Testing, Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing and object oriented databases..

Current technical reports can be downloaded from the following web page:

Technical Report Home Page

Technical Report Blog

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