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The Functional Hardware Design Language

The Functional Hardware Design Language is an extensible system for specifying and simulating digital circuits at the logic level.

The development of this material was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant CDA9522265.

FHDL Syntax Online Help

WinFHDL Online Help

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FHDL provides the following:

Simple gates, including AOIs, OAIs and a wide variety of flip-flops.
High-level blocks
ROM specifications
PLA specifications
Algorithmic State Machines
A powerful macro processor
A driver language to control the simulation and observe the results
Examples and manuals
Online Help

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MS Windows Version

To install this version, copy the following file to a directory on your hard drive, and execute it. (Use the Program Manager RUN command, or double click on the program name in the file manager.) The installation will give you the necessary additional instructions as it runs. Additional documentation is available as a help file. This help file is installed with the rest of the software. Double-Click on the question mark Icon to read it.

Download WinFHDL Version 2.3a

Online Help File for WinFHDL 2.3

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UNIX Components

Before downloading the components of the FHDL system, please download the Installation Instructions. All components are provided as C source code. The code is intended to be run under UNIX, and will require some modification for other operating systems. (The changes will be minimal.)

A complete installation of the FHDL system requires installation of the following six components.

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Sample Code

A collection of small Sample Circuits is available.

A collection of Sample Macros is provided as standard component of the FHDL system.

A More Complex Example is also available.

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The FHDL Manual (PDF) (contains all documentation needed to run FHDL and its components

FHDL Syntax Online Help

WinFHDL Online Help

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Other Stuff

Colvec is A program to display simulator output in columnar form. It can be hooked into the interactive driver to display results in real time. Wave is a SUNTOOLS program for displaying simulator output as wave forms. SUNTOOLS is obsolete, but this may work as an example for some other GUI system. This program can also be hooked in to the interactive driver to display results in real time. There are a number of research simulators available that are based on the FHDL package, and provide implementations of the latest simulation algorithms.

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