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The Data Generation Language


The MS Windows ActiveX version of DGL is now available. Click here to download it.


DGL is a language that can be used to generate test data of various kinds. This tool has been used to generate tests for both software and hardware. Tests can be generated either systematically or randomly, or some combination of both. The DGL language is based on the concept of context-free grammars, but significant additions have been implemented, which expand the generating power of the language. DGL is provably "universal" in power, and thus has the full power of a programming language.

Source Code

DGL is provided as C source code. The code is intended to be run under UNIX, and will require some modification for other operating systems. (The changes will be minimal.)

Download Source Code. Now contains test-suite and documentation. Updated for LINUX 10/07/04.


The DGL Manual (PDF format) contains everything you will ever need to know about installing, running, and using DGL.

Two technical reports are also available:

Software Testing using DGL (PDF)

The DGL Implementation (PDF)


A collection of toy examples is available. These illustrate some of the concepts of DGL.

A collection of tests is available to test new implementations of DGL. This collection is HUGE, and not intended to be a learning tool. If you hack DGL, it will come in handy, otherwise, you don't need it.

Download the test suite.


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