Intel i386 Assembler (GNU assembler)

This version is written in Intel assembly language, specifically that for the standard desk top PC. It will probably run under Windows, but I have tested it only on the Linux operating system. You can compile it just like it was a C program, using the cc command. All assembly languages are pretty much the same, but the Intel architecture poses some challenges. Specifically, there are only four general purpose regisers, which just isn't enough. In addition there is the calling convention that states that the caller must preserve all register values.

This program compiles and runs under the standard Linux implementation of the cc command. This is, of course, gcc.


// Name: Peter M. Maurer

// Program: Sieve of Eratosthenes

// Due: Never

// Language: i386 assembler (GNU)



.globl main


/* standard prolog */

pushl %ebp

movl %esp, %ebp

subl $8, %esp

andl $-16, %esp

movl $1000,%ebx

leal Candidates,%eax


/* everything is potentially prime until proven otherwise */

movl $1,(%eax)

addl $4,%eax

decl %ebx

jnz init

/* Neither 1 nor 0 is prime, so flag them off */

movl $0,Candidates

movl $0,Candidates+4

/* start the sieve with the integer 0 */

leal Candidates,%eax

movl $0,%ebx


/* advance to the next un-crossed out number. */

/* this number must be a prime */


cmpl $1000,%ebx

jge EndOuter

cmpl $0,(%eax)

jne EndInner1

incl %ebx

addl $4,%eax

jmp InnerWhile1


/* cross out all multiples of the prime, starting with 2*p. */

movl %eax,%ecx

movl %ebx,%edx


addl %ebx,%edx

cmpl $1000,%edx

jge EndInner2

/* out of registers */

addl %ebx,%ecx

addl %ebx,%ecx

addl %ebx,%ecx

addl %ebx,%ecx

movl $0,(%ecx)

jmp Innerwhile2


/* advance to the next candidate */

incl %ebx

addl $4,%eax

jmp OuterWhile


/* all uncrossed-out numbers are prime (and only those numbers) */

/* print all primes */

leal Candidates,%eax

movl $0,%ebx


cmpl $1000,%ebx

jge EndPrint

cmpl $0,(%eax)

je NoPrint

movl %eax,i

movl %ebx,j

pushl %ebx

pushl $Msg

pushl stdout

call fprintf

addl $12,%esp

movl i,%eax

movl j,%ebx


incl %ebx

addl $4,%eax

jmp PrintLoop


/* standard epilog */




Msg: .string "%d is prime\n"

i: .long 0

j: .long 0

/* define the sieve data structure */

.align 8


.long 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

/* the above line is repeated 100 times */

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