LaTeX Example
Here's my example set of LaTeX files to create
To use this, do the following:
  1. Download the example files into a single directory
  2. latex paper (ignore warnings since LaTeX is a one-pass compiler)
  3. bibtex paper (this integrates bibliographic DB entries)
  4. latex paper
  5. latex paper (this run should get rid of warnings)
  6. dvips -f paper.dvi > (generates postscript copy of paper) You can view the dvi version of the paper with "xdvi paper.dvi" or the postscript version with "ghostview".

    If you makes changes to any of the files, you only need to run LaTeX and dvips once to regenerate the postscript. The best book I have found so far on LaTeX is A Guide to LaTeX by Helmut Lopka and Patrick W. Daly